Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer Review


What Product Claims:

Add a veil of moisture to your skin with Lakme’s Peach Milk moisturizer for an everyday, healthy glow. This gentle, nourishing formula provides immediate hydration for softer, visibly smooth and supple skin.

Winter Dryness finds its match in this potent blend of wholesome peaches, 7 Hydrating Agents, 3 Essential Vitamins, 3 Anti-oxidants & 2 AHAs. Formulated with Nutritiv Mositure Techonlogy, it implants each derma-cell with moisture for 12-long hours. Your skin will look intensely nourished and visibly young.

Price: Rs 210 for 120 ml.


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My Experience:

I have used Lakme peach milk moisturizer for 1-2 Years. It comes in a pink bottle.I used this moisturizer for years because it feels light, gets absorbed easily and does not feel heavy or greasy. I never use any lotion for winters since my skin is oily only this suits my skin very well.

I apply this moisturizer twice a day. What I do is that I take a pea size Lakme peach milk moisturizer and rub between my palms until it gets 40 percent absorbed and I just dab my moist palms on my face. What this does is that adds a little hydration to my skin. After this moisturizer the one can also apply makeup over it. I re-apply it whenever needed.


I like the packaging. Its travel friendly.Coming to the ingredients, there are all sorts of ingredients that may harm your skin- perfume, cetyl alcohol, parabens. If you have sensitive skin, or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed above, steer clear of this. Personally it has never caused me any break outs. I still use it as my moisturizer but I absolutely have no issues with it. I quite like it as a budget skin care product.

It is a baby pink color mild lotion that smells of “peachy fruit” but it is not overly perfumed. It says that it is suitable for all skin types but If you have very dry skin this may give you very temporary relief from dryness.

Now, coming to the over all experience…This Product is really nice and suits me(oily skin) perfectly but their are some ingredient in this product which may harm some people those who are having sensitive skin or allergic skin. So,if you’re the one who have allergic skin you should not use it.



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(0.2 is deducted because of chemicals like- perfume, cetyl alcohol, many types of parabens)